Mentor Program

A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

SoCalCGP is proud to offer the Mentor Program as a resource to our members. Through the program, an experienced planned giving professional is paired with someone new to the field or someone looking for guidance in a specific area. The scope and duration of the mentoring relationship are determined by the mentor and the mentee.

When you are a mentee your mentor can:

  • Answer your challenging questions
  • Direct you to the resources you need
  • Guide you to develop your program and strategies
  • Inform you about important laws and legislation 
  • Broaden your impact on the success of individuals and organizations
  • Become an engaged and respected participant of your professional Community

Criteria to participate in the SoCalCGP Mentor Program are as follows:

  • All participants are current members of the SoCalCGP
  • All participants must adhere to the Model Standards of Practice for the Charitable Gift Planner published by NACGP

Mentor Program Guidelines

For a successful experience the Mentor and Mentee are instructed to follow the program guidelines below:

  • Mentor initiates a welcome phone call
  • The Mentor and Mentee should meet monthly
  • Establish goals and objectives during the first meeting
  • Mentor and Mentee can establish guidelines for their communication - i.e., frequency of calls or meetings, where meetings take place, etc.
  • Mid-year review - Mentor and Mentee check-in and say if goals are being met, how the experience is going, and if they would like to continue for another 6 months
  • End-of-year exit interview - Mentor and Mentee report if goals were met and desire to continue into the next year
  • Both Mentor and Mentee participate in regular surveys about the Mentorship Program
  • Either party can request a reassignment through the program if they think that is necessary

Mentees are asked to serve as a volunteer for SoCalCGP. Opportunities include assisting with the Western Regional Planned Giving Conference or PG-101 and serving on the SoCalCGP membership committee or another ad-hoc task force as assigned by the board.

If you are interested in participating in the Mentor Program, either as a Mentor or a Mentee, please click here to complete the online application.

For additional information about the SoCalCGP Mentor Program, please click here to contact the SoCalCGP office.