SoCalCGP Listserv Rules & Purpose

Have you ever had a gift question come up to which you just didn’t know the answer? Or have a job opening in your office you wanted to share with a group of people for whom you knew it would be perfect? Or wondered how others were interpreting parts of a new tax law and needed an answer before the next general membership meeting?

The SoCalCGP Listserv is a great way to communicate quickly and easily with our subscribed members regarding gift planning questions, business work assistance, and general business questions. By sending an email message to the SoCalCGP Listserv address, your message will be sent to all subscribers.

The SoCalCGP Listserv is for the exclusive use of members. To gain access to the Listserv, click here to contact the SoCalCGP Office, and request to be added. Please include your full name and the email address you would like to use.

The address of the listserv is [email protected].

  • Instructions on how to opt out: Send a message to [email protected] with OPT OUT in the subject line and the member's name in the body of the email.  Alternatively, you may unsubscribe yourself by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the last listserv message you received. 
  • Please note that the reply feature is set to reply to the sender.
  • If you want to reply to everyone on the listserv, hit "forward" and enter the listserv address in the "to" field: [email protected].

The Listserv is the property of the Southern California Council of Charitable Gift Planners. Its use is a privilege, not a right of membership. To participate in the SoCalCGP Listserv, you must abide by the Listserv Rules and Purpose.

To maintain the integrity and professional standards of the Listserv, and to provide the maximum benefit to our members, a purpose has been defined and guidelines have been outlined. By subscribing to the SoCalCGP Listserv, you agree to abide the requirements, prohibitions, and policies of the Listserv. Member posts do not necessarily reflect the opinion or endorsement of SoCalCGP.

Association use of Listserv: The purpose of the Listserv is to provide a method for the Association – through its Board of Directors, Administrator, or authorized representative – to communicate to its members about the association and association-related matters and policies.

Member use of the Listserv: Member use of the Listserv is solely for the purpose of posting questions regarding gift planning or general business questions.

The SoCalCGP Listserv is not a chat room or blog and is not intended for the purpose of expressing personal opinions or addressing a dispute with the Association, individuals or businesses.

Communications which do not conform to the Rules and Purpose of the Listserv are prohibited and may not be posted.

SoCalCGP Association Matters & Policies
Unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors, a member may not post messages regarding the Association, association-related matters or policies. Questions, concerns or comments about association matters or policies, should be sent directly to the SoCalCGP office or the Association President at [email protected].

Subscribing/Unsubscribing Requests
Do not subscribe or unsubscribe by posting a message to the SoCalCGP Listserv. The Listserv is for members only, therefore subscription requires the authorization of the SoCalCGP office. Requests may be made online via the Listserv page in the member section of the SoCalCGP website or by contacting the office at 949-715-5400 or [email protected].

Updating Your Email Address / Membership Information
Do not post your email address or other membership information changes to the Listserv. Please notify the SoCalCGP Office if you change your email address.

Please include your signature block on all listserv emails.

Revised January 2018